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Custom Tables and Desks Perfect for your Needs  Considering working and eating take up a larger portion of our day than most of us would like or would like to admit, it makes sense to have a pleasurable custom wood table to enjoy meals and a sturdy wood desk to complete a days work. Let us have the pleasure to build your next custom desk, custom dining table, custom kitchen table or custom woodwork project to increase your enjoyment of life’s daily routines.

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6 Cup Coffee Table $3200 - $3400
Mixed Walnut Coffee Table - $1300
Coffee table in Oak and Stained Alder $1500 - $1600
Walnut End Tables with Glass Tops $700 - $800(set)
Aged Walnut Coffee Table - $900
Teak Table - $1,000
Mahogany Triangular tables $1400 - $1600(set)
2-Person Desk $1800 - $2000
Desk with added Walnut Leg $250 - $300
Custom Wood Extras:Custom wood furniture, accessories and fittings for your home and office: Tel: 323-733-0357, 3927 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles 90016-4211