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Small Gifts/Grand Gifts Gifts can be as small as our innovative wood Ipad stands or wood Iphone stands or as grand as our wood custom homes, it all depends for whom one is buying. In general, this section contains small household or office products; of course, any product on our website makes a great gift so please do not hesitate to browse farther.

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iPad Stand $30 and iPhone Stand $10   
Spice Jar Swivel Holder - $175
Single Cup Coffee Table $400 - $450
Mahogany and Ebony Jewel Box $1300 - $1500
Picture & Bulletin Board Frames Assorted Prices
Through Mortise Meditation Table $450 - $500
Safari Travel Desk $350 - $400
Pen Holder $175 - $200
Custom Wood Extras:Custom wood furniture, accessories and fittings for your home and office: Tel: 323-733-0357, 3927 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles 90016-4211