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New Ideas Along with building custom woodwork comes the desire to improve the existing and bring new ideas in functionality and design into the limelight. At Custom Wood Extras we enjoy creating pieces that challenge our mind and our hands to come up with a new unvisited idea or innovation to complete our client’s project.

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Pocket Doors: Instead of opening with the typical hinged function, these doors slide open with a hidden pocket
Bike Shelf with Drawer - Elegantly display your bike on the wall and have the added convenience of a shelf with our space saving innovation. As pictured, a drawer can also be added to the unit to increase storage. Like all our products, the bike shelf is available in any wood species and with any modifications that may come to mind.
Sliding Breakfast Tray: This handy tray slides left to right and has the added convenience of being easily removed
Magnetic Drawer Lock Innovation:
Instead of a traditional key a magnet is used to open this Hidden Lock
Cupholders: An original design with six strategically placed cupholders to protect the beautiful finish. Drawer slides out from both sides, but does not fall out because of a sliding hidden stop.
Custom Wood Extras:Custom wood furniture, accessories and fittings for your home and office: Tel: 323-733-0357, 3927 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles 90016-4211